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OAG is your luxury travel agency, specialized in designing leisure experiences, ranging from classic concierge services to bespoke travel experiences in and around Greece. Based on the deep know-how of greek destinations, secret places and a rich network, our experience designers pave the way for everlasting memories. Bespoken services are derived from authenticism: A tradition, a flavor, a savoir-faire.

Refine the lifestyle with a sense of charm and simplicity. Your time is worth Our A Game.

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Get inspired by our Villa, Hotel & Yacht Recommendations. All our selections are tailored to the highest standards and ensure private services. We visited, tasted and approved all our choices.

All of this and more delivered in an intimate setting with a heightened level of care and attention.

private collection

Contact us to get exclusive access to all our premium selection of OAG Villas, Hotels and Yachts.


We are devoted to nurturing and building valued relationships with you, to best understand your individual taste and aspirations, so that every moment is made perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

Let yourself indulge in another level of leisure in Greece.

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